Spirit Messenger Doll II 


This Spirit Messenger Doll traveled to our galaxy from a distant star system to bring a message to Earth. Given the messenger’s limitations and the uncertainty of how communications may be received on our planet, the doll displays various ways to transmit its message. 

Can Earth beings not see? A braille message is blazed across the being’s chest.  Possibly Earthlings do not speak, but communicate via brain wave activity is possible. The back of the dolls head displays brain waves for telepathic dispatch (see rear of head.).  Are these beings more computer than living creature? Raising the center hand reveals components of a computer. The cold dark void of outer space is filled with all sorts of electronic waves, converting the waves to audible sounds led the Messenger to relate its message by Morse Code. 

What if the Earth beings do not understand the braille, Morse Code, Brain transmissions or computer workings?  The messenger has resorted to written correspondence with a translation of its message in the envelopes sprouting from its head.  

While the doll’s origin lies far away it is clear that an understanding of the importance of love and communication are universal.  The transmission of the message may come in various forms but, its story is universal: “love makes the world go ‘round and “communication is the key to love.”  May you too find that key.