Since I was a little girl playing, making mud pies decorated with tulip petals I have loved being creative. Creating art is an essential part of my life. So much a part of my life sometimes it feels like art is my form of oxygen.The polymer paintings I create attempt to offer surprise, inspiration, reflection,and questioning to the viewer.  My  intention in the paintings is to delight and inform the viewer of my message and the versatility of Polymer Clay.  Painting with watercolor was my first artistic background and polymer offers the exciting possibility of dovetailing two mediums in a meaningful way in the form of sculptural paintings.  The pigmented clay offers boundless possibilities to entice viewers to touch, look closely and be surprised by the medium. The dimensional properties of polymer allow for exploration into creative designs spotlighting the manipulation of color within the clay.  Often the designs and patterns are thought to be painting on the work, when in fact the clay is the paint by a technique called caning.  As my journey working in the medium progresses so do my areas of interest. Current  my work is exploring the uses of mixed mediums to accentuate my art and push the limits of the use of polymer in larger and moveable art. 


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